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My Services

With You Every Step of the Way

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Individual Therapy & Life Coaching

Individual sessions are 45-50 mins.

I am currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, & Cigna insurances.  I also accept private cash pay.

Life coaching is a cash only service.

Cash sessions are $135

I'm currently seeing adolescents: 13-17 and adults: 18 - 65.

Areas of Practice:




Life Transition



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Couples and Family Therapy

I am currently seeing families and couples for therapy as a cash only service.  I am not accepting insurance for these services.

For couples:

I am currently partnering with my colleague Therapist Dev to take a more comprehensive approach to couples counseling. Together we provide joint sessions as well as individual counseling to meet the total needs of our couples clients. 

Joint sessions with both clinicians are $200. Individual sessions are $125.

Common issues include infidelity, communication, intimacy, separation/divorce.

For families: 

I am providing family therapy to families of 2-6 people. 

Two person sessions: $175

Three-Four person sessions: $190

Five - Six person sessions: $210

Common issues included communication, parent-child relationships, blended families, boundaries, and trauma.

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